Meg from Disney’s Hercules

Disney's Meg
This is classic Disney Megara. She always wears a long, flowing purple dress with a darker purple sash. The detailing on the straps of this dress is also very similar to Meg’s iconic style. Complete the look with gladiator sandals, gold accessories, and a heavy dose of sarcasm.

Disney’s Sleeping Beauty

Disney's Sleeping Beauty
I’m getting close to wrapping up the Disney Princess looks, but before I do, I had to include Aurora from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. Aurora is one of Disney’s oldest princesses. To wear an updated version of her look, pick a girly dress in her signature shade of pink. This dress from is convertible! Click on the image of the dress below to see how it can be styled. Pairing the pink dress with heels that have a hint of blue reminds me of the scene where the fairies change her dress back and forth from pink to blue.

Bodice dress

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Gold hair accessory
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Disney’s Snow White

Disney's Snow White
It can be hard to rock primary colors like Disney’s Snow White. So to get her style without looking like a cartoon, pick one main color and add the other two in small doses. I’ve found the best way to do is a blue dress, yellow tights, and touches of red, like the bow headband she always wears. Snow White also has a small bit of white in her look, which you can get with some white jewelry. With so much color going on in the outfit, pick neutral shoes.