Who Next?

So, I’ve been a little absent the past couple days and will be until Sunday. Why? I’m taking the LSAT on Saturday! Wish me luck! Until it’s over with (and I’ve recovered from the emotional trauma sure to accompany it), I won’t be able to post anything.

You guys should let me know either on here, or the Facebook page or on Twitter which character you guys would like to see an outfit for, so when I get back here I’ll have lots of inspiration!


Rose Tyler from Doctor Who

Rose Tyler from Doctor Who
The key to getting Rose Tyler from Doctor Who’s style? Bootcut jeans and a black leather jacket. Keep the accessories simple, like silver hoop earrings and basic tennis shoes, or trainers as she would call them. I chose the Union Jack shirt for the look because she was wearing one in one of my favorite Rose Tyler episodes, “The Empty Child.”
See below for purchasing information!

Emily Thorne from Revenge, look 2

Emily Thorne from Revenge, look 2
This is an example of Emily Thorne’s style when she isn’t attending a fabulous Hamptons soiree. The blazer, belt and heels polish off the outfit. The colors, navy and white, make the look crisp and nautical, which ties in to the starfish ring, which holds sentimental value for Emily.

White blouse


Mango slim fit pants
$37 – johnlewis.com

Patent shoes

Blu Bijoux ring

Studded waist belt

Charlotte Grayson from Revenge

Charlotte Grayson from Revenge
Charlotte Grayson knows how to work a fit and flare dress. This style is her go to, and why wouldn’t it be? It’s figure flattering and comes in so many great colors and patterns. Charlotte is young and girly and her dresses reflect that. Charlotte pairs her dresses with wedges (the show often takes place at the beach in the summer), feminine jewelry, and bright pink lipgloss.

Emily Thorne from Revenge, look 1

Emily Thorne from Revenge, look 1
To dress like Emily Thorne from Revenge, pick a classic but sexy dress. Emily tends to go for a bold red one. The one shown here is from ModCLoth, and is a little bit more expensive than the usual items shown on Celebrity Closet Cheap. Sometimes though, the quality and fit are so much better for $30 more. You could wear this outfit to a wedding or a nice dinner date, because it isn’t too short, isn’t too low cut, but the snug fit and bold color are sexy. Besides the well-fitting dress, the other key to Emily’s style is to keep it simple. A clutch and heels with simple lines and pretty stud earrings complete the look.

Amy Pond from Doctor Who

Amy Pond from Doctor Who
This is a classic Amy Pond from Doctor Who outfit. For any fans of the show, it’s easy to get Amy Pond’s style. A plaid shirt, a mini-skirt, and a comfy/chic/tough leather jacket will get you the look. And practical and stylish boots are a must for running around the universe and time! Amy Pond also always seems to have a flawless manicure in interesting colors. Personally, I’m loving this green right now.

Embroidered top

Zipper jacket

Mango mini skirt

Over the knee lace up boots
$24 – desireclothing.co.uk

J Crew j crew